Striped Horse

Striped Horse Craft Beer is a new craft beer to hit the South African market in October 2014. Brewed at Cape Brewing Company by renowned master brewer Wolfgang Koedel the beer comes in 2 styles, lager and a pilsner.

Identify prominent social media players (Twitter only) and provide them with the opportunity to engage with the product.
To showcase that Striped Horse is an African beer for everyone.

Production & Management Overview
– Target 20 Twitter influencers (Cape Town and Jozi) and produce an interactive beer drop.
Phase 1:
Twitter account was already set up (great job done by the Striped Horse guys themselves).
– Takeover of account for a couple of weeks to ‘blitz’ followers and following in conjunction with the drop.
– Engage with targeted influencers and design the drop where subtlety was key.
– All feedback positive and @StripedHorseZA enjoyed a massive spike in Twitter traffic.
Phase 2: Targeting bars and restaurants
– Engage with bars and restaurants that are active on Twitter
– Very positive reaction
Phase 3: The Cape Town Festival of Beer
There was Striped Horse presence at this hugely popular beer festival whose own social media presence over this time is enormous.
– Encouraged people to post pics of themselves with the beer  – they would be in line to win a gift-pack of beer and a funky Striped Horse t-shirt.
– Great response to this.

Was the campaign successful?
Twitter following of Striped Horse grew quickly (over 3 weeks) to around 500 followers (the growth has slowed since the activation –but the conversations are still happening).
– People were still taking pictures of the beautifully branded beer and posting them on social media well after the spike.
– We handed the Twitter account back to Striped Horse after 3 weeks with 2 days of consultation on social media. They are rocking the account.

We look forward to working with this beautiful African product again in the future.