Four Seasons

Weather, colourful light, nature sounds, fynbos herbs and fragrance were used to trigger the senses and experience the seasons in an experiential dining experience.

Exploring Mother Nature’s moods in the seasons and intertwining them into a sensory dinner experience.
Held in a gallery space – The Spier Secret Courtyard pop-up in 2014, Cape Town.

Hear – I mixed a soundtrack that flowed with each course. I used sounds found in nature, weather sounds (thunder, rain and wind in winter) and softly introduced Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at certain times during each course.
See – I coloured the room with 7 specialty lights and controlled it from a DMX board – 1000’s of hues of light. I could control the brightness and intensity of the hues. Lightning as a bright white flash.
Smell – I used fragrance and flavoured smoke to invigorate the smell sense in Autumn (burning wood) and the last Spring course (jasmine fragrance).
Taste – I worked with the notion of nostaligia ie: What is the taste of summer, to me?

  • Venue

    The Spier Secret Courtyard

  • Food & Design

    Caro Jesse

  • Year