ROOTS Exhibition

Curation of a sensory and multi-media exhibition called ROOTS in 2016, with my own work, collaborative work and the work of other artists, namely Jan Ras, Hein van Tonder, Xandri Redelinghuys, Vagabond Kitchen.

‘What is my root? From my point of view as a food artist, I feel a strong affinity with nature, fynbos and the edible plants that I have and continue to come across, particularly in the Cape and surrounds over the last 15 years. I feel that they are written into our very beings and that’s why I feel a connection to them’.

I looked at food with history and medicinal meaning and created drinks and dishes around this. I looked at colour and the dyeing of fabrics using turmeric and beetroot, photography, land art and installation with ropes and how they untwine to become singular roots from large ropes, just as roots do in nature.

  • Food & Design

    Caro Jesse

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