Street Food Experience


This Street Food Experience was designed to showcase the diversity of flavours of street food from across the world.
Held in a gallery space – The Spier Secret Courtyard pop-up in April 2014 in Wale Street in Cape Town.

Street Food is part of everyday life for many all over the world and represents cultures in such a creative and truthful way. It has become a global trend in the ‘foodie’ space and has created, in my opinion, a swing to a more casual style of eating.

I collaborated with 3 diverse chefs/cooks and 1 mixologist to create an explosion of tastes and almost everything was cooked over open fires.

 Elements of interest
– I designed a street food market in the beautiful back courtyard space in Wale Street, Cape Town, with funky neon bunting, fires and small ‘stalls’.
– Fairy lights, candlelight and some exotic African tunes played in the background whilst people enjoyed the market.
– The menu was a map of the world designed with a colourful key to show where each dish came from.
– Candle light in brown paper bags and Chinese newspaper, graffiti, woodcuts and a handmade 5 metre wire and neon light.
– Instagram gallery from @chocky33 – ‘Street-style’.
– Instagram competition on the evening for the best Instagrams to win wine and vouchers from Instagram developers @Nifty250_
– Goodie bags graffiti sprayed with the bespoke emblem for the night and recipes from each cook/chef from the evening, bottle of Orpens cider, spice mixes and tukmaria seeds, fun dragon necklaces.

  • Design

    Caro Jesse

  • Venue

    The Spier Secret Courtyard, Cape Town

  • Date

    April 2014

  • Photography
  • Video

    Dan Calderwood from News24 Live