Silo 3 – Zeitz MOCAA

The launch of Silo 3, Silos District, under the construction of the Zeitz MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary Art Africa), 2015.
Working around the idea of the Silos, I based all designs on collections of spheres, circular design and the silos themselves.

Sherbet Rush
All spherical design to mirror the silos, all naturally infused sherbets and meringues. Inspired by colour and the preparation of paint from it’s most natural form.

I created an edible logo with handmade chocolates, I ‘painted’ onto the design and spun sugar live to finish the piece.
(220cm x 120cm plinth)

Against the Grain
In celebration of sculpture, architecture and the physical action of building. I am amazed at how the tools we use for cooking, art and building are so similar.
(220cm x 120cm plinth)