MOTIF – Studio Masson

Multi-media performance piece for Italian stone company, Studio Masson, in Cape Town 2018. Launching their couture tile and stone at their new showroom.

I created two dessert installations that were based on pattern. I finished the installation live to a film centred around colour and texture with a deep base soundtrack, plastered  the wall with Italian meringue and fired it with a blowtorch for the guests to eat after the performance.

On a recent trip to Italy I became captivated by the sacred mosaic patterns that I saw on the floors and walls of historical buildings, spanning many artistic periods.

I saw repetition in them, a use of the same shapes and configurations, but using different techniques and materials.

My enjoyment of patterns in nature, and my visual observation of these same patterns in chemical, biological compounds and mathematics, leads me to an understanding that our world is made up of patterns that repeat themselves on different scales in everything.

In this project, I will spontaneously investigate my personal expression of these patterns using food as my medium.